Criadero La Cocha - Criadero de Dogo Argentino de la Familia del Dr. Antonio Nores Martínez

La Cocha Kennel

Foto: Vista estancia La Cocha

Our kennel known as "La Cocha", registered in Federación Cinológica Argentina with the number 1252, works since 1976 with specimens from the old bloodline, and it is registered with pedigree "Chubut" and "Totoral".

When Antonio died, the older children (Rodolfo, Abel, Marta and Beatriz) remained with several specimens, which were taken to the Estancia La Cocha in the 60's. During many years they worked with closed bloodlines, and with dogs from Cordoba, (Totoral, etc.), these dogs were the foundation of many breeders.

In the 80's, the contributions of Mr. Miguel Angel García Montaño make possible to improve the specimen structurally. His great contribution of Penca and Valiente is remarkable; these specimens provided structure, head, etc, while conserving the type.

In the 90's, with the aid of Mr. Jose Luis Amaya, we could increase the number of fertile wombs, and we could eradicate atavic defects which are characteristics of such old bloodline, while conserving its outstanding functionality.

Foto: Cachorro Dogo jugando con Puma

From 1999 on, the breeder had the great contribution of the enthusiastic specialist in the breed, Mr. Jorge Funes, with whom we have achieved to project the breeder to the entire world, at the present time.

The functionality

Our basis is functionality, from which we started and based on for our crossbreedings. We achieved to reduce, in few years, the number of our atavic defects (prognathism, bright eyes, lack of premolars), to just 8% maintaining type, mantle, hind quarters, and basically, physical and mental balance.

Our main goal is to spread the dogo just like it was created, that is why we assigned 80% of our activities to work with the specialists in creole hunting along the country.

Nowadays we can guarantee 100% of functionality and balance in our puppies, and we are constantly proud of it. During many years our quiet effort gave the rewards we so much dreamed, and today we can see how our dogs begin to succeed in every field.

We believe in and struggle for one great goal: to preserve the dogo above all, proving what his creator maintained, "the best dog among all the dogs of prey and the one of more prey among every dog in the world".

Foto: Paseo de perros en la estancia La Cocha

During many years we could realize how this goal was left aside, but there exist breeders all over the world fighting to preserve what made the dogo world-famous: bravery, courage and nobility, which are qualities that have been reunited and powered to the maximum in this great breed.

We introduce the personal history of our dogs. All of them have passed the necessary tests required order to be called dogos.

For that reason we want you to know that we always make a genetic test before we do the crossbreedings, but our main purpose is to use a pure dogo in the crossbreedings. We don't use any dog which doesn't fulfill the psychic features suitable for the breed.

We have proudly achieved to create true gladiators, with worthy to admire stability, and null aggression against people and domestic animals.

Ourselves and Mr. Jorge Funes couldn't have obtained these results without the fundamental contribution of our great friend and foreman in the "estancia", Mr. Tomas Bracamonte, who works more than 16 hours per day in the 3 thousand- hectare field, where our dogos manage to maintain their tracking and sniffing ability like the first dogs.

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